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Hidden Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors #9) by Melody Anne

Prologue She refused to cry. She hadn’t done that in eleven years. So Brielle Storm inspected her fingernails, tapped her foot, and waited for the show to begin with all the coolness she could muster. It had been a couple of days since her last manicure. Yes, that’s what she would focus on. It was easier to focus on her nails, and to keep her family thinking she was nothing more than a shallow, spoiled brat, than to have them know what she really was. But did she even know herself? No. Not really. She’d been lost for so many years, she didn’t think it possible to find herself. Finding yourself was a sixties thing, anyway. So she would focus on her fingers, look at the chipped paint on her nails, and tune out the people who used to be the most important ones in her life. A spa was calling her name, wasn’t it? Of course it was. As the sound of serial muttering floated around her, she looked up, annoyed that she had to deal with her family. Why on earth had her father summoned them? They’d been little more than strangers to each other for a long time. And Brielle liked it that way. Well… That was her story, and she was
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