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His Southern Temptation (The Boys Are Back in Town #2) by Robin Covington

Chapter One “It’s twenty dollars for the lap dance. Ten more for a hand job, twenty extra for a bl*w j*b, and thirty for full service. No kissing on the lips, and you gotta wear a condom.” David “Lucky” Landon lounged back on the fake leather couch taking up most of the space in the little room reserved for private lap dances at the Jolly Gent Strip Club, and watched as the young woman rattled off access to her body like it was no more intimate than letting someone borrow her phone. The girl—no more than nineteen—wore too much makeup behind the Mardi Gras–style mask that all the dancers wore, but even through the narrow slits he noted that her eyes were jaded. His travels around the world had taught him that life was hard when you were poor and uneducated, no matter if you were in Afghanistan or a little town just outside of Elliott, Virginia. This girl was living proof. He settled back on the seat, watching as the she ate him up with her eyes and lingered on the bulge in his jeans with pointed interest. His dick, normally able to offer up at least a half salute for a beautiful woman, didn’t even twitch with i
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