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Holiday Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors #10) by Melody Anne

Prologue Tanner storm leaned back comfortably in his chair as his sister, Brielle, vented her wrath and her frustration. “How are you so damn calm, Tanner?” she shouted as she paced back and forth in the front room of his plush penthouse. “The old man has ripped everything from us! Everything!” “He can’t take what he doesn’t know about,” Tanner said, not fazed the least. “What are you talking about? He froze all of my assets, my cards, everything. He stopped my payments on bills. I will be homeless soon and he doesn’t even care. If I don’t play his stupid little game, then I am screwed.” What neither his father nor his siblings knew was that Tanner had his own wealth. He hadn’t been close to his family in a very long time, and he hadn’t wasted all his time away. He’d taken a different path than any of them, and he’d managed to make some incredibly good investments. But he didn’t want any of them to know. Yes, he could help his sister out, but for some odd reason, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Sure, their dad’s little lesson — to teach the
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