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Home to Me (The Andrades #2) by Ruth Cardello

Chapter One “You can’t stop me—don’t get hurt trying to,” Nick Andrade warned as he moved to sidestep Rena, his brother’s secretary, for a second time. Her chest bounced beneath her thin silk blouse and her hands went angrily to her hips, momentarily distracting Nick. Rena had always been a twelve on his one-to-ten scale. He preferred blondes as a general rule, but she was his exception. “I’m not letting you by. Gio is on an important international call.” “I don’t care.” “That’s exactly why you’re staying out here with me.” As she blocked him, daring him to test her resolve, he felt his blood rush downward and was reminded why she was trouble and always had been. Too vividly, he recalled another day when a younger Rena had stood before him in almost exactly the same pose. Gio had just started working full-time at his family’s oil company, Cogent, and he had asked Nick to pick up papers from his friend Kane. Nick had agreed even though it was a long drive. He’d only been home for a day and had already had a row with his mother, so any excuse to get o
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