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Hungry like the Wolf (Blackthorn Wolves #2) by Vivi Anna

Prologue Garrick looked down atCorin’s bloody, dead body and knew he’d made the right decision. It was his heart that disagreed. He turned his head to the side and watched his truck speed out of his driveway and down the graveled lane, and he wondered if he had done the right thing. In the morning, Olivia would be upset and angry, wondering what she ever saw in him. During the next full moon, when her first change came upon her, she would hate him. But it had had to be done. Now thatCorin was dead, Garrick would become the next alpha pack leader. That was how it worked in this world. He’d fought for a long time not to have this happen. He had been happy with the way things were. When pack members disobeyed certain laws, it had been Garrick’s job as Keeper of Secrets to reprimand them, usually with brute force. He’d never wanted to lead a pack. No matter how oftenCorin pushed him, Garrick had refused to rise to the challenge. Tonight, however, had been different.Corin had made a lethal mistake. He hadn’t realized how much Olivia mattered to Garrick. When Garrick sawCorin stalking her outside his house, Garrick had snapped. T
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