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Keela (Slater Brothers #2.5) by L.A. Casey

“Keela... Help me.” I opened my eyes and sat upright from my laid down position. I wasn't in my bedroom, or even in my apartment. I was somewhere I had been before, but I couldn't identify where. It was a collection of hallways with a number of closed doors. Fear gripped me, and I began to breathe hard as I stood up. “Keela?” The voice was in my ear urging me for help, begging me with each faint breath. It caused my heart to speed up. I spun around in a circle to see who needed me, but found no source of the voice. “Where are you?” I shouted. I heard a male cry out, and it frightened me. I knew that cry, but I couldn't think of who it belonged to. My mind was a cloud of confusion. I started to run through the darkened hallways. I turned left then right then left again as I zoomed down the hallways in search of the person calling out for me. Each hallway wall was identical to the next, and I wasn't sure if I took a wrong turn and was somehow back to where I was when I opened my eyes. Everything was horrifyingly similar to me. I knew I walked these hallways before, but I couldn't remember when or w
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