Pride of Lions | Gamers!Genre : Comedy, Romance, SchoolSinopsis : Mengisahkan seorang murid yang sangat hobi bermain game, Amano Keita. Suatu ketika, dia diajak Karen Tendou, untuk ikut masuk ke dalam klub game di sekolah. Dari ajakan inilah, kisah komedi romantis dimulai! | Staffel 2

Lord of the Highlands (Highlands #4) by Veronica Wolff

Prologue Duncrub Castle, Perchshire, Scotland, 1622 It was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Not slight like the ponies of other boys, but braw, with a chest like a great cask of ale, and a coat that shimmered dark gray, like a sword, or the dreadful eye of the Corryvreckan itself, a whirlpool so immense as to draw even the most magnificent of ships to a terrible fate far below. His pony. Young Will cradled the oval-shaped currycomb in his palm, gingerly scuffing circles along the animal’s neck and shoulder, even though there wasn’t a speck of dust left to dislodge. He’d need to choose a name. Something reminiscent of the great heroes of old. Something suitable for kings. “Don’t think you’re better than me just because Da gave you some old hack.” Will’s hand froze. Though his heart jolted, he forced himself to stillness. It was best to suffer his older brother’s taunts in silence. He waited for the inevitable cuff on the shoulder, or along the side of his head, but it didn’t come. Slowly Will resumed his currying. “Naggy old swayback old hack.” Jamie wa
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