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Moon Cursed (Nightcreature #10) by Lori Handeland

CHAPTER 1 The most recent occurred just last year. “There’ll be a sighting every year,” Kristin Daniels muttered as she peered at her laptop. “Wouldn’t want to screw with a multi-million-dollar tourist industry.” Unless, of course, you were the host of the public television show Hoax Hunters. Kris planned to screw with it a lot. In fact, she planned to end it. Kris scribbled more notes on her already-scribbled-upon yellow legal pad. This was going to be her biggest and best project to date. The debunking of the Loch Ness Monster would not only put Hoax Hunters on the national radar—hell, she’d probably get picked up for syndication—but also would make her a star. “Kris?” She glanced up. Her boss, Theo Murdoch, stood in the doorway of her office. He didn’t look happy. Theo rarely did. Public television was a crapshoot. Sometimes you won; sometimes you lost. But you were always, always on the verge of disaster. “Hey, Theo,” she said brightly. “I was just planning our premier show for next year. You’re gonna love it and so—” “Hoax
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