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My Everything (The Beaumont Series #1.5) by Heidi McLaughlin

Chapter 1 She’s everything I’m not looking for yet each day when I return, she’s there, greeting me with the warmest smile, the softest touch and expecting nothing but hospitality in return; and each night I lie in my bunk and think of her. I imagine what it would feel like to run my fingers through her sun-bleached hair. I close my eyes and picture myself holding her tight, our bare skin touching, our lips connecting. I tell myself that tomorrow will be the day. Tomorrow I’ll walk into work and, instead of taking my charts from her I’ll ask her to dinner. I’ll ask her to take a walk with me at lunchtime. Anything to get us away from the clinic and allow us to be adults for one moment before the hectic day bombards us with agony and despair. Each morning I wake, prepared to start the day as I had planned and fail. When I look at the picture that sits on top of my nightstand I’m reminded why I’m here No matter how many days, weeks, months pass, things have not gotten easier. The way I left Beaumont haunts me. I was a coward. I was a grown man in an adult relationship – one that was raising a child – and inste
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