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Nearly Broken (Nearly #1) by Devon Ashley

1 I methodically tugged at the bottom of my sleeves, pulling them down as far as they stretched, covering the horrors hidden beneath its thick cotton. It was something I did naturally these days, like an itch always begging to be scratched. As soon as I left the bathroom, I saw him in the corner booth. Nine-fifteen. You could set your watch to his nightly arrival. I waved to the man and headed to the cooler behind the counter to grab his beer before heading over. “Hey, Joe,” I said. “How was work today?” “Same ol’, same ol.” He immediately grasped the icy bottle. I swear he didn’t know how to function without it, almost like it was an extension of his right arm that was separated at birth. “You want your usual?” “Yeah.” Before I could get even two steps away, he added, “Hey, Megan. A bunch of us are goin’ fishing tomorrow. There’s gonna be some girls there, too. You should head out with us. Get some sun on your pasty ass.” My lips pressed together. Joe still hadn’t given up. When his attempts to get me alone repeatedly failed, he began with the group outi
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