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Nearly Mended (Nearly #2) by Devon Ashley

1 The pad of my finger traced the pink ridge that traveled across the burn on my forearm. Two painful laser treatments later, the physical reminder of my original nightmare was beginning to fade away. A few of the smaller spots along my chest and upper arm were almost gone, but the worst of the burns, the one on my right forearm, still held a strong shade of pink. A tremor erupted in my gut and goosebumps sprouted up along my skin. Almost two years later and I could still feel the intensity of the fire as if it were just yesterday, the fire billowing up above me, suffocating me within that dark fortress. One year, ten months, thirteen days since I fought my way free, literally scarring myself of that basement prison. “Megan?” Annalise asked, drawing my gaze. “It’s your turn.” She glanced down to the arm I was analyzing, offering her condolences with a sad smile, her arm extending toward the dummy, beckoning me to try the latest self-defense move she was teaching. I didn’t care that she might be pitying me in her mind, because she was once a victim, too. In fact, most of the women in this class were some type of victim at one po
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