Clockwork PlanetGenre : Fantasy, Sci-FiSinopsis : Naoto merupakan siswa SMA yang putus sekolah dan merupakan ahli jam amatir yang sebetulnya terbilang berbakat, walaupun ia tidak mampu memerbaiki sebuah jam, akan tetapi dengan kenekatannya dia mampu memerbaiki seorang gadis yang merupakan mesin jam mutakhir, autom... | 1x14 Ultraman Geed | Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium v2.0.3.1025.

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy #0.5) by Karina Halle

CHAPTER ONE I’d been watching the man for almost a month now, the exotic man with the peridot-colored eyes. From a distance they’d always sparkled like the gemstones, but now that I was in the same room with him, I could see they had an amber tinge to them, rendering them almost reptilian. That should have been my first warning, that this was all a horrible idea. It was too risky and I was too emotionally involved. But I felt I didn’t have a choice. The man with the yellow-green eyes was just feet away from me, representing the first step toward freedom. Vengeance was a terrible prison. “Can I help you, miss sunshine?” the balding clerk at the counter asked cutting into my thoughts. I tore my eyes away from the man, who was now sitting with a cup of tea in the corner, and looked at the clerk with an awkward smile. I felt a flush heat my cheeks, knowing I’d been caught staring. What had Gus taught me again? Never let your thoughts drift. Guess at the time I hadn’t known I’d be stalking a Latino heartthrob. “Yes, sorry,” I replied dumbly. “Can I get a medium latte? Please?” He nodded, flash
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