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Perfect Catch (Boys of Summer #2) by Sierra Dean

Chapter One Alice Darling was thinking about balls. More specifically, she was thinking about the semitrailers full of equipment that would be rolling into Lakeland the next morning. Alice looked forward to the arrival of the big trucks every year with the same jubilance as a child waiting for the circus to pull into town. The trucks meant baseball was back. Hundreds of bats, thousands of balls, and with them the hope of a new season. Lakeland was the spring training home to the San Francisco Felons, and late February saw the return of the team, invigorating the whole community for several weeks. For Alice, the excitement wasn’t merely about baseball—though she loved the game—but rather it was the part she got to play. As a Grapefruit League umpire, she’d have a steady job for the next month and a half and into the ongoing minor league season that followed. A job more exciting than waitressing and being a periodic Little League ump, anyway. Spring training meant she’d spend her time circulating through other small Florida towns that were home to big-name baseball teams, and call games throughout Grapefruit League&rsqu
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