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Santa Claws (Wyndham Werewolf #4) by MaryJanice Davidson

Chapter One Alec Kilcurt, laird of Kilcurt Holding and the most powerful werewolf inEurope , stomped through the snow and slush and wished he were anywhere, anywhere but here. He stopped and stood obediently with the rest of the herd, waiting for the light to change. Snow was spitting down on him with malice he could almost feel. It did nothing for his mood. He disliked leaving his home for any reason, but being called toAmerica to pay homage to The Wonderful Child was a bit much. And now he was shamed; his duty had never seemed a chore before. He admired and respected the pack leaders, Michael and Jeannie Wyndham. Michael was a good man and a fine leader; his wife was a crack shot cutie and baby Lara was adorable. Since the cooing, drooling infant was likely to be his next pack leader, Alec’s presence—the presence of every country’s werewolf head—had been required for both political and practical reasons. The pack was some 300,000 werewolves strong; unity was both a desire and a necessity. Unfortunately, visiting the Wyndhams in their happy home just exacerbated his own loneliness. He’d been searching for a mate for years, but had..
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