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Secret Santa Baby (The Boys Are Back in Town) by Robin Covington

Chapter One “So, how was it visiting with the newlyweds?” “Not nearly as disturbing as I thought it would be,” Tessa Stoneman said as she chuffed out a laugh and turned down the Christmas station on Pandora Radio. She moved aside to allow her visitor to sidle past the artificial Christmas tree and into her tiny cubicle at GameNerdz. “Grandma and Carl are seventy-five so they went to bed early and kept the PDA down to a reasonable amount. It wasn’t as weird as it could have been.” Turning towards her guest, she was glad she was sitting down when face-to-face with the object of her inappropriate desire. Her best friend. Her boss. Nicholas Boone. Tessa’s stomach flopped and her pulse quickened. Her cheeks flushed, and she knew they were turning as pink as the ones on the little kids in her favorite snow globe. She resisted the urge to fan herself to stop the reaction. It had been like this for almost a year now. Every time she heard his voice, her body went haywire. Even though he’d been in the United States for almost eight years, his demeanor still screamed “I’m sexy and British,&rdq
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