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Seduce Me in Flames (Three Worlds #2) by Jacquelyn Frank

Prologue Fire burned everywhere. Cinders clung to long grasses that had been obliterated by it but, by some miracle, still held together. The smell of accelerant was still in the air because it had been poured on the field in such a massive quantity. Along with it was the unmistakable stench of char and smoke. Nothing could possibly have survived. But in the center of all that destruction, something stirred. There was a cough just before the young man sat up and spit. He was charred as black as everything around him, making him blend in perfectly with his surroundings. He took a breath, his first in what seemed like ages. Well, he thought, it shouldn’t surprise him that they had tried to kill him. After all, he had accidentally exposed his power in the center of the town square during a damn festival. Shit. He’d kept it secret from everyone for all of his twenty-one cycles. And it hadn’t been easy. Adolescence alone had been a trial for him, and he’d had something of a temper back then. Still, he’d managed to keep it all under wraps. He ought to have known this was coming. There was no way a mutation such as he was could go an entire
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