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Shadow of the Moon (Nightcreature #11.5) by Lori Handeland

Chapter One As a child I didn't believe in the bogeyman. There was no monster in the closet. No dragon under the bed. When I was twenty-six I learned differently. The bogeyman was real. The monsters popped up in my own backyard. I haven't seen a dragon yet, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. I was just a small town cop, doing my job - a little bored, a little lonely. Then the wolves went berserk and the people did, too. Once the dust settled, and I figured out who was good, who was bad and who was a psychotically evil werewolf, I was no longer Officer Jessie McQuade but a Jager-Sucher. My whole world changed, in more ways than one. I swapped the relative safety of cop-hood in small town Miniwa, Wisconsin for extreme danger as a member of a secret group of government funded operatives. The trade-off was sleeping with Will Cadotte. The man was a sex god. Oh, not literally. But in my new world, you never know. As I had to kill my best friend after she turned into a wolf god, it isn't too much of a stretch that my boyfriend could be an actual sex god. Stranger things have happened in the past few months. You don't believe me, watch a per
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