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Shattered Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles #2) by Laura Wright

Chapter 1 Addison "You're kidding me with all this, right?" Lisa asks, her pointer finger tracing an imaginary Z down my body. "All what?" I ask with slight irritation. Lisa's crystal blue eyes, expertly rimmed in charcoal, narrow. "The toddler-napwear-meets-prison-inmate thing you're working." The ocean breeze kicks my hair around my face. "Orange is the new black, Lis." She looks insulted. "That's insane. Who said that?" "I don't know. I think I heard it on Colbert last week." "Colbert is a comedy show, Addy." Tired, and not up for the night out my best friend has dragged me to once again, I take a step back, lift my arms. "Look, I see nothing wrong here. Just, you know, trying to be comfortable on a Thursday night." "You look like you're headed to bed." "I wish I was," I return with a bit of a pout, then silently amend, to Rush's bed. His big bed, cool sheets, and that hot, hot body I miss so much it hurts. I groan. "You're losing it, Addy. You know that, right?" I frown at her, but in
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