Составитель: Стариков Николай - Адмирал Колчак. Протоколы допроса [Карлов Александр, 2015 г., 112 kbps, MP3] | Масолов Н.В. - Срока у подвига нет [1978, PDF, RUS] | BBC. Чудо животного мира / Wonder of Animals [01x01-03] (2014) HDTVRip от NewStudio | Курдов

Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) by Nalini Singh

PROLOGUE Silence In an effort to reduce the overwhelming incidence of insanity and serial killing in the Psy population, the Psy Council decided, in the year 1969, to instigate a rigorous program called Silence. The aim of Silence was to condition young Psy from birth. The aim of the conditioning was to teach them not to feel rage. However, the Council soon discovered that it was impossible to isolate that one emotion. In 1979, after a ten-year debate over the millions of minds in the PsyNet, it was decided to change the aim of Silence. Its new mission was to condition young Psy to feel nothing. Not rage, not jealousy, not envy, not happiness, and certainly not love. Silence was a resounding success. By the year 2079, when the fifth or sixth generation of Psy are being conditioned, everyone has forgotten that they had ever been any other way. The Psy are known to be icily controlled, inhumanly practical, and impossible to push to violence. They are the leaders of government and business, eclipsing both humans and changelings, races that allow their animal natures to rule them. With mental capabilities running from telepathy to foresight, telekinesis to ps
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