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Snow Kissed (Hitman #1.5) by Jessica Clare

ONE I have this thing in the bag.—Owen MacIntosh, Day 1, Endurance Island: Alaska THREE DUGOUT CANOES SAT IN the middle of the frigid bay, surrounded by a dozen cameras (and cameramen) near the shore of the rocky Alaskan beach. On the shore, the host of Endurance Island, Chip Brubaker, waved a flag emblazoned with the logo of the show. "Welcome to the newest edition of Endurance Island," he called out to us as we huddled, six contestants to a canoe. I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to cheer at that. A few scattered people clapped their hands. Chip glanced at a cue card, and then spoke again, reading a prompt. "This time, our castaways won't be roughing it on a sexy beach or frolicking in the sand. Instead, they'll have to face off hungry bears and bitter cold and tons and tons of snow. Stay tuned for this and more in this season's Endurance Island—Alaska!" I kept waiting to hear cheers, but there was only silence and the occasional slap of waves against the wooden canoe sides. My teeth chattered and I huddled in the front of the canoe, barely clutching the oar in my hands. The icy mist made my clothes sti
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