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Soul Ties (Soul Ties #1) by Lisa Swallow

Chapter 1 Ava squirmed in her seat and straightened the arms of her leather jacket. The tall man across the mahogany table leaned back in his chair, body molding into the plush upholstery. She stiffened, digging her fingers into her knees as he regarded her through narrowed eyes. She wanted to bow her head but couldn’t. Things would get much worse if she did. “Ava, you are one of our best operatives. Your success is impressive. The number of souls we have retrieved with your help has made a huge difference to our future.” Ava’s stomach flipped, waiting for the ‘but.’ There was always a ‘but.’ Every time. “But, we need you to go back.” There it was. Her shoulders slumped but she kept her gaze fixed on his cold, grey eyes. She couldn’t show weakness; deficiency would be the end for her - a return to the Fated life and to desolation. The man leaned to one side and pulled open a drawer, his long black ponytail sweeping forward. He produced a manila folder and placed the file on the table, flipped to the first page and pointed at a picture with his painted fingernails. Ava sucked in a breath, re
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