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Stars in Their Eyes (Wrapped Up in Love #2) by Lauren Blakely

Chapter One Jess He would be here any minute. I was ready for him. I wore my dark blue skinny jeans, a gray V-neck T-shirt, navy blue lace-up sneakers, and a pair of cheap black plastic sunglasses I’d picked up from the dollar store on Wilshire. My mission was to blend in, so I was mascaraed and lip glossed, but no more than that since I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. In short, I was everything a good twenty-one-year-old paparazzo should be, and I was scoping out a playground shot to show that stars are just like us. This was an easy assignment and the pay would reflect it as well as the company. Plenty of us got the every-Monday-alert, and the park was teeming with shooters. Nearby was the soul-patched and jaded former wire photographer who moved on to playground and shopping shots when news services stopped paying well, and the big, bearded, leather-jacketed guy who worked for the foreign tabloids. Parked on a bench with my chem homework open, I whipped through formulas, glancing up every few seconds to see if Range Treadman had arrived. He was due any minute. He was clockwork. He was the cog that kept the trains running on time, a
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