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Sweet Fall (Sweet Home #3) by Tillie Cole

Prologue Dear Daisy, Weight: 98lbs Calories: 2000 This is my first letter to you, well, my first journal entry, I mean. Since you have left me, I really don’t know who I can speak to, so I have decided to keep speaking to you… through the medium of pen and page. Instead of our nightly chats on the phone about our progress that day, I will talk to you here. I will tell you my weight, how many calories I’ve eaten… just like before. But this is not like before, is it? It’s not the same. The contact is not nearly enough, but it is all I have… all I have left of you, Daisy, my closest friend. I’m sitting here now under the scorching summer sun, shaded by a huge pine tree… next to your grave. Your grave, Daisy! How did it come to this? I am running my hand down the beautifully bright black granite headstone, tracing the edges of your epitaph: ‘She concealed her tears but shared her smiles’ That was you, Daisy, smiling on the surface but too fragile for this world underneath. You never let it show, though, always smiling through the pain. Wearing your mask that told the world you
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