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Sweet Southern Betrayal (The Boys Are Back in Town #3) by Robin Covington

Chapter One Teague loved Washington, DC. He loved the city, the streets teeming with people at all hours of the day and night, the restaurants and bars, and the majestic man-made monuments and buildings created to intimidate enemies and inspire citizens. But what he loved most was the power. For the past seven years he’d risen in the ranks of Harrison & Duff, an international firm of the finest lawyers money could buy, and also earned a place at the table of power players in the DC political circuit. He was a fixer—the guy they brought in to handle the big issues, the problems that were seemingly impossible until he tackled them. And he was damn good at his job…the best. It felt so good to be back in DC, even if only for a couple of days. The Teague he had to be in Elliott was nothing like the man he was here. There were too many expectations and too much damage to repair after his father ran off with his paralegal and left clients high and dry. Yes, he had a plan and it had gotten him where he was today, but if the good people of Elliott knew how easy it was for him to shed the Southern gentleman image and maneuver with single-minded r
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