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Tamed by the Billionaire (The Bad Boy Billionaires #1) by Judy Angelo

CHAPTER ONE Roman Steele stared across the boardroom table at his long-time business associate.  “So basically you’re telling me she’s a spoiled brat.” The older man frowned.  “Since you put it so bluntly…yes, I guess that’s what I’m saying.”  Richard Van Buren laced his fingers across his stomach and leaned back in the chair.  “She’s getting me worried, Roman.  She’s all grown up now.  She can’t keep behaving like this.” “Don’t you think you’re being melodramatic?” Roman asked, slightly amused.  “You said she’s grown now.  I would think the realities of life would calm her.” “That’s the problem.  I haven’t exposed her to any of those realities.” Richard shook his head then sighed.  “Ever since her mother died when she was six I’ve been spoiling Serena, letting her have her own way.  Trying to make up for the loss of her mother, I guess.”  His eyes took on a distant look and his voice trailed away. “But you went overboard?&rdquo
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