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Taming the Wolf (Anna Avery #1) by Stephanie Nelson

Prologue The wolf’s yellow eyes glared me with determination. Its back arched. Hackles stood on end. Sharp teeth gnashed at the air as it snarled a threat. My body froze despite my rapidly beating heart. The beast took a slow, calculated circle around me, snapping and growling in my direction. I mimicked its movements, my feet moving with the wolf’s, as my eyes shot in different directions looking for anything that could be used as a weapon. The landscape of the Big Horn Mountains did not offer much other than a few downed branches or palm sized rocks—useless against the creature this size. I bent down bit by bit and stretched my hand towards a limb, never taking my eyes off the wolf. Any protection was better than nothing. I gripped the branch tightly, its bark feeling slippery in my sweaty palm. A deep rumble sounded from the wolf again. My body trembled as I imagined those teeth sinking into my flesh. Its angry, vicious face was about four feet away, one leap and I was a goner. My knuckles turned white and ached as I held the branch between us. If I wanted a chance at escaping, I had to stand back up. My legs shook, and my muscles screamed in
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