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The Billionaire of Bluebonnet (Bluebonnet #1.5) by Jessica Clare

When Travis Jesson’s ninety-eight-year-old grandmother died, he was in Europe brokering a deal. He sent flowers to the funeral since he couldn’t be there and ignored the pangs of loss caused by her passing. She was an old woman who had lived a full life. It was to be expected. What hadn’t been expected was the e-mail he received from his grandmother’s solicitors when he returned to Houston a few weeks later. He almost missed it between meeting invites and contract negotiations. He glanced at the e-mail on his BlackBerry during a board meeting, and it froze him in place while in the middle of watching a very important PowerPoint presentation given by a senior vice president. It seemed that Grandma Pearl Jesson had left her old Victorian house to him—and her pet, Gregory. The will stated that he had loved going to her home when he was a boy, and she wanted him to have someplace to retreat to when his life got too hectic. It also stated that Gregory would keep him company because she knew he was lonely. And for some reason, that made him pause. Travis hadn’t seen his grandmother in more than two years. Though Bluebonnet was only a
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