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The Girl Next Door (Shadow Agents #6) by Cynthia Eden

Chapter One Cooper Marshall burst into the apartment, gun ready as his gaze swept the dim interior of the room that waited for him. “Lockwood!” There was no response to his call, but the stench in the air—that unmistakable odor of death and blood—told Cooper that he’d arrived too late. Again. Damn it. Cooper rushed deeper into that darkened apartment. He’d gotten his orders from the top. He’d been assigned to track down Keith Lockwood, an ex–Elite Operations Division agent. Cooper was supposed to confirm that the other man was alive and well. He’d fallen off the EOD’s radar, and that had sure raised a red flag in the mind of Cooper’s boss. Especially since other EOD agents had recently turned up dead. Cooper rounded a corner in the narrow hallway. The scent of blood was stronger. He headed toward what he suspected was the bedroom. His eyes had already adjusted to the darkness, so it was easy for him to see the body slumped on the floor just a few feet from him. He knelt, and his gloved fingers turned the body just slightly. Cooper pulled out his penlight and shone it on the dead man
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