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The Secret (Irin Chronicles #3) by Elizabeth Hunter

Prologue SHE WALKED AS SHE always walked in these dreams. Slowly. With no thought of where she was going. She only knew that, within this forest, a dark angel walked on her right and her mate walked on her left. Sometimes she could smell the soft damp rot of the forest; sometimes she couldn’t. Sometimes she could hear her footsteps as she walked over leaves. Often the birds chirped and called, but this night they were silent. She might see his shape, but often the angel was only a presence lurking on the edges of her mind. This night, her mate was beside her and the angel’s dark form walked at her side, his presence tangible. His power muted. “Why do you visit me like this?” she asked him. “Because I want to.” “There is another reason.” “If I am here, then the other cannot be.” She glanced at the warrior beside her. “But he is here.” “He belongs here. The other does not.” A tendril of anger threaded through her dream. “I don’t understand you.” “You will.” “Why can’t he hear you? See you?” She glanced a
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