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The Thrill of It (No Regrets #1) by Lauren Blakely

Prologue Six Months Ago Harley I’m a sex addict and a virgin. I know everything about sex and I’ve never done it, though I came close last night. I know nothing about love. I know men. I can size up a guy in seconds. If he wants my sweet and innocent side, or my sophisticated persona, or if he just wants me to shut up and nod while he talks about his day, because some just want to talk. I know how he’ll like it, how he’ll want it, and I know by the end of the hour or two if he’ll request me again. But those days are behind me. The past is the past. This is now. That’s what I have to believe as I walk into a church in Chelsea off Ninth Avenue to repent. It’s a fading white church, rather plain looking, unmarked by flying buttresses or soaring angels. The white brick is streaked with gray from soot and dirt and New York itself breezing by over the years. There’s a requisite steeple on top, unassuming, but still there pointing to the sky, and a small plaque outside the doors that declares its non-denominational-ness. Every flavor of f**ked-up is welcome. On Mondays, you can find the alco
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