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The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares #3) by Lisa Shearin

Chapter 1 I knew there was evil in the world. Death and taxes were all necessary evils. So was shopping. “I hate shopping,” I muttered. “Of course you do,” Phaelan said. “You’re a Benares. We’re not used to paying for anything.” Phaelan was my cousin; he called himself a seafaring businessman. Law enforcement in every major port city called him “that damned pirate,” or less flattering epithets, none of them repeatable here. I really hated shopping. More to the point, I hated the aggravation of having to go into one shop after another to actually find the things I needed, things I had to have. Which was really strange considering what I did for a living. My name is Raine Benares. I’m an elf and a seeker—and then some. Two weeks ago, I found the Saghred—an ancient stone of cataclysmic power, an annihilator of armies, a stealer of souls, an eater of spellsingers, and the bane of my existence. The soul-sucking rock attached itself to me like a psychic leech. My magical skill level used to be marginal. Now I don’t think I have any limits. So I came to the only place wit
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