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Under My Thumb (Serenade #1) by Ab Reynolds

Chapter One Prudence Clearwater I couldn’t wait to get out of this city. London had been my home for my entire life. My childhood was spent in the busy metropolitan, fighting the streetwalkers and traffic. My favorite music store was still on Abath Road. It’s where I got my first guitar. Now the shop looked run down. It seemed like I was their only customer—ever. I went to Cambridge for university and got my flashy degree. It had absolutely nothing to do with music. Perhaps that’s why I hated it so much. But I had to choose chemistry to receive free tuition since my dad would only pay for a science degree. I was grateful I received any education at all, but I still felt resentful toward my father. He didn’t support my dream. And he didn’t think I had any talent. Maybe I didn’t. “I still can’t believe you’re going to the States for the summer.” My brother held my carry-on while he walked me to security. “Now I won’t have to deal with your drama. It’s a breath of fresh air.” I shoved him gently. “You know you’ll miss me.” “Nope.” I sho
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