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Undercover Captor (Shadow Agents #5) by Cynthia Eden

Chapter One “You’re making a mistake!” Dr. Tina Jamison shouted as she was hauled out of the nondescript brown van and pushed into the dimly lit parking garage. But the four men—all wearing black ski masks—didn’t seem to care that they’d grabbed the wrong woman. And they had gotten the wrong person. They must have made some kind of mistake. There was no way these armed gunmen could actually want her. The man on the right jabbed his gun into her back. “Move!” When someone shoved a gun at her, Tina knew exactly what to do. Move. Just as the man had ordered. But Tina was scared and she stumbled, nearly slamming face-first into the cement as she hurried to follow the guy’s order. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. She’d been safe in her hotel room less than an hour ago. Sleeping. Minding her business. She’d woken to find a man leaning over her. His hand had flattened over her mouth before she could scream. Then he’d put a gun to her head and told her that if she wanted to live, she’d follow his orders. Tina wanted to keep living. One
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