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Up to Me (The Bad Boys #2) by M. Leighton

CHAPTER ONE Olivia Out of the corner of my eye, I see the light flicker at the back of Dual.  The door to Cash’s office opens and closes as he comes out into the club. He looks up and our eyes lock instantly.  His expression is carefully schooled, per my request, but that doesn’t mean my toes don’t curl inside my work shoes.  His eyes are blazing as they look into mine.  My stomach does a flip and then he looks away, which is a very good thing.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be Cash that blew our cover, it would be me—when I leave my position behind the bar, march right over to him, plant my lips on his and then drag him back to bed. Tearing my eyes away from him, I force my mind back to my job. Dammit. “I got it,” Taryn chirps, reaching in front of me to grab a dirty glass from the bar top. I smile and nod my thanks, but inside I’m picking her crazy, dread-locked motives apart.  She’s been nice to me all night and I’m not sure why.  She’s never been nice to me.  Openly hostile, yes.  Spitefully devious, yes.  But nice?  Oh no.  Before to
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