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Valentine (On Dublin Street #5.5) by Samantha Young

Jocelyn and Braden Braden threw back the rest of his coffee. “I need to go.” “You haven’t even had breakfast yet.” I frowned at the scrambled eggs and toast I’d made him. “I’m sorry, babe, I’m late for this meeting.” He put his mug in the sink, leaned down to brush my lips with his and then rounded our kitchen island to kiss Luke and Beth on their foreheads. “See you all tonight.” “Bye Dad!” they yelled after him as he hurried out of the kitchen. Luke immediately eyed the scrambled eggs Braden had left. “Are you kidding me?” I snorted. My six year old had just eaten cereal, two slices of buttered toast and a handful of raisins for his breakfast. “Where do you put it?” I scraped most of the scrambled egg onto my plate but gave him the rest. Luke frowned at the disproportionate portioning. “How come you got more?” “Because she’s got a baby in her belly, silly,” Beth said with a superiority she liked to lord over her brother whenever she could. If she weren’t also incredibly overprotective of him and willing to p
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