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Way of the Shadows (Shadow Agents #8) by Cynthia Eden

Prologue The darkness was all she knew. It surrounded her, seemed to suffocate her. It bound her as deeply, as securely as the ropes around her wrists. Fear coiled around Noelle Evers as she waited in the dark. She was waiting for her own death, and she knew it. That certainty was there, filling her mind—that and nothing else. So when the door opened and she heard the squeak of wood, Noelle tensed. The light spilled forward. The wood squeaked again. Someone was coming toward her.... The beam of a flashlight slit through her eyes, blinding her because it was such a sharp contrast to the darkness. “Found her!” A man’s voice called. It was deep and rough, heavy with relief. “She’s alive!” Noelle squinted as she tried to see past that bright light. More footsteps thudded toward her. Then hands were on her. Rough, strong hands. They pulled at her ropes then yanked her out of the chair and to her feet. “It’s all right,” that deep, rumbling voice told her. “You’re safe now.” She didn’t believe him. There were more lights then, sweeping into the room. It looked
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