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Who Needs Enemies (Harri Phillecki PI #1) by Keri Arthur

Chapter One The sense of trouble slipped across my skin like a teasing caress, making the hairs on my arms stand on end and my heart race. I paused and studied the street ahead. Though the sun had yet to rise, Berren was waking and her streets echoed with the growing sounds of life. A tram rattled down nearby Collins street, car lights speared the shadows as they sped past, and joggers pounded the pavement, the sting of their sweat lingering in the air. There was absolutely nothing that remotely resembled a threat, but I’d learned long ago to trust that niggly sixth sense of mine. It had gotten me out of a whole lot in the past. Of course, it had also gotten me into trouble, and I was never entirely sure which side of fate's coin my luck would fall. I glanced at my watch. It was nearly five, which meant I was a few minutes late for my meeting with the one and only relative I had much to do with these days. But that wasn't unusual, and the old elf was certainly used to my tardiness. So why did I suddenly feel that this time, my tardiness had landed him in trouble? Frowning, I turned into Little Collins Street and jogged down the hill towa
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